Skin Revitalisation Package 2hrs

Product Code : KIORA06
Includes foot soak, 30-minute massage and 90-minute treatment ritual facial
A luxurious spa package custom designed to prevent and repair the aging process in a stunning combination of traditional facial techniques and the most advanced cellular regeneration technologies. Firstly, your feet are warmed and relaxed with a rose foot soak and massage to increase the circulation to the whole body. Then a bespoke massage treatment ritual relaxes the hands, arms, shoulders, and neck before moving to the face. It utilises Supreme Jeunesse, Payot's patented cellular protection system, to deliver antioxidants directly to the skin cells. This global anti-ageing care, combined with specialised facial massage techniques stops oxidation, delays ageing effects and helps repair damaged cells resulting in glowing, youthful skin. * valid for 3 years * not suitable for clients under 30 years


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Note (not suitable for clients under 30 years of age)