"for many years, I took care of my body. Then one day I realised that I had to take care of my soul." Dr Nadia Payot.


Observing that the ageing process of the body is slower than that of the face thanks to daily movements, Dr Nadia Payot conceived specific guestures, which she would practise in the day spa. This 42 movement modelling technique combined with the payot products optimises the efficiency of the beauty care formulas.


Doctor Nadia Payot beauty philosopher, was also one step ahead in the current medical spa trend. She used her skills as a doctor to further the beauty and well-being of women and the balance of body and mind by creating high-tech biological products and application techniques. Payot has always been synomous with spa and salon treatments. Dr Nadia Payot leaves us her know-how, serious approach, generosity and desire to continuously advance in terms of offering well-being and happiness.


Les Sensitives

Les Sensitives range provides sensitive skin with preventative and curative solutions based on Liquorice, Sesame Oil, Aloe Vera, and Algae to form the High Tolerance Complex®. The complex assists with soothing and comforting inflammatory mechanisms.

Les Revitalisantes

Les Revitalisantes range promotes vitality and stimulation for tired and stressed skin. The skin's energy is boosted with energising Cocoa, Orange, Mint and Ginseng. The Cocoa extracts stimulate the production of beta-endorphins, "happiness molecules", to assist with revitilising the skin.

Les Purifiantes

Les Purifiantes range is designed to detoxify and purify skin blemishes and regulate the oil flow of combination skin with the assistant of the Sebaryl-Bioecolia Complex®. The complex is enriched with Green Coffee, Bioecolia and Melaleuca.

Les Hydro-Nutritives

Les Hydro-Nutritives range provides intense moisture to dry and dehydrated skin. The skin regains hydration, suppleness and radiance with the Hydro-Regulating Complex® consisting of the moisturising properties of Honey, Sesame Oil, and Chestnut Extract.

Les Authentiques

Les Authentiques range provides the skin with the powerful antioxidants of Blue and Green Algae, Liposomes and Vitamin P to form the Anti Free Radical Factor®. The formula assists with the first signs of ageing, skin elasticity, repairing cellular framework and diminishes fine lines.

Les Design

Les Design range provides mature skin with the face restructuring formula, A.G.E. Compensating Complex®. This complex is based on Essential Fatty Acids, Walnut Extract, Vitamin A Palmitate, and Algae. These ingredients remodel, firm, lift, and reduce the depth of lines and wrinkles.

Les Whites

Les Whites range has a clarifying and brightening effect on the skin with the ingredients of Asian Mandarin, Kiwi Sap Water, and Vitamin C. These ingredients prevent and lighten skin pigmentation by controlling melanin production. The complexion appears brightened and skin tone is more even.

Vitalite Minerale

The Vitalite Minerale range offers relaxation and restoration of the body and mind, and the spa lifestyle so you can achieve ultimate tranquility and revitalization in the comfort of your own home. The spa range consists of luxurious all over body products based on minerals, semi-precious stone balms and the aromatic blend of rose petals, lily of the valley and citrus notes.

Les Corps

Les Corps range provides an all over body experience to cleanse, nourish, firm and detoxify your silhouette.