Kiora boasts a clean sheet design by RL Designs that eschews the clichés of older spas in favour of a design that cleverly combines light and modern materials to seemlessly integrate total luxury with advanced cosmetic technologies. Kiora features nine state-of-the art treatment rooms that ensures the male client feels relaxed in an environment that is both luxurious and relaxing. Kiora's committment to hygeine & safety extends to the ventilation system which exceeds WHO COVID recommendations for hospitals by over 200%. All staff have been vaccinated.

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At Kiora we have a comprehensive range of medical and spa therapies specially designed for the needs of the male client. Kiora offers a wide range of cosmetic, laser and day spa procedures specially designed to treat the male patient whilst maintaining their natural masculinity. Our bespoke male spa procedures include:

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The aesethetic and medical treatment of the male patient is influenced by the uniqueness of their physiology and anatomy. Spa therapies need to take into account the extremes of thicker epidermis and more oily nature of a male's skin. Stronger treatment like microabrasion are usually indicated. In general men's musculature is heavier and requires more strength to adequately loosen and relax. Our university trained massage therapists, both male and female, have the skill and experience to help even the burliest sportsman recover and rejuvenate.


River Stone Relax Package

75min    $185 (For Men only)

A package designed for men. Over a long day tension tends to accumulate in the back, shoulders and face. Firstly, hot river stones are used to warm and relax the deep muscle layers of the back and neck. The stones deliver soothing heat deep to the muscles and enhance the ability of the body to break up tension and scar tissue. Then the face is scrubbed and cleansed to debride away dead skin before being rehydrated by special facial and scalp massage techniques developed for men.

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Male Personalised Massage

60min    $145

$110 Kiora's Personalised Male Massage focuses on the problem areas that typically affect the active male such as the back, neck and shoulders. It combines a range of massage modalities such as fascial release and trigger point therapy to concentrate on your area of concern.

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Remedial Massagee

60min    $160

Remedial Massage is very effective in treating old sports injuries, muscle tension, muscle adhesions and musculoskeletal back pain. The remedial massage helps to speed up circulation and eliminate toxins, which can cause pain and stiffness. Other benefits include improving the skin's elasticity and helping with the break down of fatty tissue.

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Body & Face Rejuvenate Package 60min

60min    $155

A great way to rejuvenate both the face and body for the time poor person. Firstly, the tired superficial layers of skin of the face are exfoliated with a deep Rhyolite Microabrasion. Then the tension of the busy working week is eased away with a full body massage. A great way to promote harmony between mind and body.

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