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To deliver the best possible Hair Reduction Results Kiora is uncompromising on quality. We use only a brand new FDA-approved, Soprano XL - one of only four such systems in Australia. This is Alma Laser’s most advanced model featuring LHR technology. LHR is the latest development in laser hair removal technology - it utilises an advanced cryogen cooled, sapphire lens 810nm Laser.


The Soprano XL works on a completely different paradigm to other older systems. Its impressive safety profile is achieved by using an advanced high frequency 810nm, cryogen cooled, sapphire lens laser. Most lasers are only capable of firing once every two seconds. Kiora's newest laser system utilises patented SHR (super hair removal) technology to allow the laser to fire at up to 10 pulses every second. This allows our Cosmetic Doctors to choose a lower, safer and less painful power setting whilst still achieving an excellent hair reduction result. To achieve great hair reduction results whilst minimising the risk of adverse effects the Soprano utilises a specific wavelength of light tuned to target your hair - not your skin. An 810nm sapphire lens Laser emits pulses of coherent light in the 810nm wavelength. This is the wavelength of light absorbed by the melanin of your hair follicle. The dark hair follicle will absorb the light, be selectively heated and over repeated treatments will die back. Only hairs in the growing phase (about 30%) can be destroyed, meaning most people will require a minimum of 5 treatments, 4-10 weeks apart to achieve hair reduction.


IPL and SPL light sources are common systems used for hair reduction. They use a bright white xenon bulb and colour filters to emit a broad range of lights. They can be a simpler and more cost effective way to get hair reduction for ideal (white) skin types. True lasers tend be more powerful and more specific - they emit a single wavelength of coherent light. Lasers can offer more selective heating of hair follicles, resulting in a significantly safer and more comfortable treatment for more skin types. Kiora owns and operates both hair reduction systems and can help select the best system for different patient types.


Today many clinics are offering laser treatments scheduled only 2-4 weeks apart. At Kiora we are dedicated to providing medical procedures with genuine aesthetic benefit and we believe that to achieve the best possible hair reduction result sessions should be scheduled about 8 weeks apart - a decision which is bad for our cash flow - but good for our patients! In any hair reduction procedure only the hairs in the growing phase can be destroyed - usually this comprises 20-30% of the hairs on a person's body. The hairs grow at a fixed rate in the human body. To ensure that as many of the hairs as possible are in the growing phase it is best to wait at least 8 weeks. Any shorter time period means the body has had less chance to grow back as many of the "growing phase hairs" as possible. Meaning you get less hair removed for your dollar.


Compared to other older laser or IPL systems Kiora's Soprano XL enables hair reduction which is virtually pain free. Most older treatments feel like you are been repetitively flicked with a strong rubber band. In comparison our advanced treatments with the Soprano XL feels more like a soothing hot stone massage. No anaesthetic cream is required and the cryogen cooled laser head means the skin is kept cool and protected throughout the treatment.


Poor technique, or use of inappropriate lasers can result in permanent adverse cosmetic outcomes including: inflammatory hyperpigmentation of the skin, permanent destruction of melanocytes resulting in hypopigmentation and blisters and burns. Poor patient selection, inappropriate pre-treatment plans and inappropriate laser or IPL systems all greatly increase the risk of these adverse outcomes. To deliver the safest and best possible results Kiora is uncompromising on quality. At Kiora all Laser Hair Removal is under the direct supervision of our fully qualified Cosmetic Doctors. They are experienced in using a comprehensive range of cosmetic laser technologies for all skin types. Since a significant percentage of patients are unsuitable for the procedure each patient undergoes a comprehensive dermal consultation to discuss the health of their skin and the suitability of their skin for the procedure. Our commitment to safety and quality extends to our equipment. We use only the most advanced FDA approved Soprano XL Laser Platforms. This is Alma Laser's flagship Laser Hair Reduction model and features patented super laser hair removal technology and is Australian approved for Fitzpatrick Skin types one (Scandinavians) through to six (dark Africans).

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