Amanda is a very familar face around the leafy eastern suburbs. She was the front of house person of Balwyn's largest gym for over 22 years before joining Kiora 6 years ago. Amanda is a keen horseman and has a long standing interest in health and well being. Amanda has also worked as an executive PA and most impressively runs her family of seven(!) with well organised precision. These customer service skills make her perfect for handling the sometimes hectic Kiora Reception role.



Efficient, quick and calm Bianca is one of the receptionists you will often find looking after Kiora on our busy Saturdays. Bianca is bilingual, fluent in mandarin and an indispensible part of the customer service team in multi-cultural Melbourne. Her efficiency and language skills have, unfortunately, being noticed by the big end of town and she is often away on summer internships at PWC and other big firms. We are always happy to see her back after the christmas break!



Bronwyn brings a wealth of experience in customer service to her role at Kiora. She has worked as the Maitre D' in one of Melbourne's better known restaurants and as a receptionist in a law firm. A lifelong student, Bronwyn has a comprehensive understanding of the procedures and products at Kiora. Bronwyn has a Bachelor of Arts degree a Bachelor of Laws degree but still helps us out on the occassional busy Saturday.



Caroline is the newest member of the team and we are very happy to have her join us 13 years (!!) after her older cousin and one of our first staff members, Lisa, first joined us. Caroline was the vice-captain of her school and has the courteous service, and relaxed good manners of someone raised in Lakes Entrance. She is studying nursing and her excellent understanding of cosmetic medicine allows her to efficiently organise Kiora's appointment books.


Laser Nurse

Chae has been a nurse for over eight years and performs laser hair reduction, Intense Pulse Light, Laser Facial and Photorejuvenation procedures. She is one of Kiora's nurses and is an integral part of the cosmetic medical team. She is often the first point of contact for detailed clinical enquiries. Chae has an ambition to upgrade her car to a huge Hummer, become rich and eat at all of the great Michelin starred restaurants in the world.


Laser Nurse

A self described "study dork" Christine started in Biomedical Science, then completed her division one nurse studies and has now finished her radiography degree for an encore. Christine has been with the team for over 12 years and is our most experienced Laser Nurse. She worked closely with Dr Lee See and Dr Lin in developing many of our treatment protocols. She is fully trained in Laser Hair Reduction, Intense Pulse Light Procedures, Laser Facials and Photorejuvenation. Christine is duel qualified as both a nurse and radiographer.


Remedial Massage Therapist

Kiora's favourite massage therapist. Gabriel attained his diploma of remedial massage therapy almost 15 years ago and has been with Kiora since. He believes a good massage is about utilising the energy of both the client and the therapist to affect a real change to a person's muscular and spiritual health. Gabriel is one of the few male members of the team and is very popular amongst sportspeople who require firmer pressure to address their concerns.



Before joining the Kiora reception team Glenys worked for over 20 years in customer service with United Airlines. She is very efficient at making bookings and accommodating all of our clients' last minute requests! When not at Kiora Glenys enjoys gardening and doting on her two sons - both of whom are very tall and fully qualified sparkies. There is never a blown light bulb at Kiora.


Beauty Therapy and Makeup Artist

Kiora snapped up Irina within a week of her first emigrating to Australia back in 2007. She is fully trained in all Beauty Therapy and Makeup procedures. In her native Romania Irina was a well known professional makeup artist who often worked in Fashion and for Romania's Miss Universe candidates. Irina has always been one of our most popular therapists. When she isn't at Kiora Irina works as a trainer at the LR Beauty Training Academy in Melbourne.


Laser Nurse

Jacqualyn's polished and graceful demeanor belies the fact she spent 12 years working in the credit control divisions of several major companies including Fosters and Nike. In 2007 she found her true calling at the slightly more customer-centric reception team of Kiora. As one of our most experienced receptionists Jaqualyn is often the first point of call for complex enquiries - especially those regarding outstanding accounts! Like most of the team Jaqualyn enjoys furthering her academic studies and completed her Bachelor of Nursing degree in 2012. She is now one of the team's primary laser nurses.


Laser Nurse

Jayde is a Division One nurse who has been with the team since 2010. She is trained in Laser Hair Reduction, Intense Pulse Light Treatments, Laser Facials and Photorejuvenation. Jayde takes her profession very seriously and is perhaps the most civic minded of the Kiora team. She has performed charity nursing work in Vietnam. In her spare time Jayde is known to enjoy snowboarding although she occasionally comes off second best when attempting ambitious air moves though she has been taking it more easy since becoming a new mother 2 years ago.



Jodie was Kiora's very first dedicated receptionist back when we first opened and is responsible for many of the customer focused systems Kiora has developed over the years. Prior to this she had worked as a First Class Flight Attendant with the United Arab Emirates Airline and was a Personal Assistant to the CEO at several major Melbourne companies. Jodie is a dedicated mother to her two sons when she isn't an integral part of Kiora's reception team.



One of the more dimunitive members of the Kiora Team, Katherine is also one of the strongest! She had an extensive background in customer service and has worked as a fitness instructor. Her secondary role seems to be providing lots of hot tips to Dr Grace on her kettle bell workouts. Katherine is studying nursing and her experience in both health and medicine is very useful in helping our clients navigate the vast array of procedures and techniques available at Kiora.


Beauty and Remedial Massage Therapist

Kiora is very lucky to welcome the very talented Kiyomi to our team. Kiyomi is a world class athlete and brings a deep understanding of the musculoskeletal system. She has represented Japan in bodybuilding and is an international champion. Kiyomi is a highly skilled massage therapist who has had her diploma of remedial massage therapiy for over 10 years. She brings both precise control and firm strength to all of her treatments. Kiyomi is dual qualified and completed her Beauty Therapy diploma in 2014. In her spare time Kiyomi somehow finds time to be a devoted mum.



Kiora opened in 2005. On our opening day our small team consisted of 2 doctors, a receptionist, a single beauty therapist and a quiet work experience beauty student named Lisa. She went on to a full time position in 2007 and is our longest serving staff member. Lisa is as dedicated to her own health as she is to that of her clients. She won the Miss Fitness Victoria competition in 2009 and has an upcoming Sportsmodel Calender Shoot. Since joining the team Lisa has also studied accounting and is now in her final year of her Bachelor of Applied Science Human Movements studies. Lisa is probably our most high profile team member and is an expert at spruiking Kiora. You have probably heard her name-dropping her favourite workplace on a variety of radio and TV interviews in the recent past. Lisa is the proud mother of a healthy son.


Beauty Therapy

Masumi is a highly experienced beauty therapist who spent over 8 years with the prestigious Crown Day Spa in the Crown Casino after qualifying from the Elly Lukas Beauty School. Her expertise is in providing ongoing skin care to her clients and the discreet suburban location of Kiora is an ideal match for her skills. She is an expert in all skin and beauty therapies including Facials, Facial Treatment rituals, Waxing, Manicure and Pedicure. Masumi is very busy in her personal life and has a lovely young daughter and still finds time to pursue her hobby of swimming.


Clinical Research and Laser Nurse

A critically important, though less visible aspect of Kiora is our commitment ot furthering clinical research and education in non-invasive clinical medicine. Najmeh is an integral part of Kiora's research efforts and is the primary coordinator of the (mountains and mountains) of paperwork (and regulations and compliancing) that accompanies this type of research. When she isn't snowed down with paperwork Najmeh is also a fully qualified nurse and can often be found using our laser systems for hair removal and body slimming.

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