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cosmetic-injections melbourne injections

Anti-Wrinkle Injections
specific facial muscles are precisely targetted to soften wrinkles to obtain youthful & natural results
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dermal fillers melbourne

Dermal Fillers
replace the lost volume from ageing to enhance lips, noses, cheeks & chins
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facial slimming cosmetic-injections

Facial Slimming & Bruxism
minimally invasive techniques allow the jawline to be remodelled with less risk than traditional surgery
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rhinoplasty melbourne

Nose Jobs & Rhinoplasty (non-surgical)
non-invasive techniques offer a genuine alternative to surgery. Broken noses, crooked noses & flat noses can be enhanced to give a more balanced face
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non-surgical facelift melbourne

Facelifts (non-surgical)
aesthetic outcomes comparable to traditional surgical procedures utilising a combination of advanced injection techniques, new generation dermal fillers and lasers
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Skin Boosters Melbourne

Skin Boosters (tightening & hydrating skin)
micronised HA molecules delivered directly to the dermis to lock in hydration, improve elasticity and tighten the skin of the face, hands and decolletage
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hyperhidrosis melbourne

Severe Sweating (Hyperhidrosis)
the underarms, face & hands can have the sweating reduced by 90% for 12 months by blocking the nerves which trigger sweating
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the asian face

墨尔本 微整容注射 (The Asian Face)
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melbourne cosmetic laser centre

Laser Procedures
over 8 advanced laser systems allowing us to safely achieve hair removal, skin whitening, tattoo removal and fractional skin resurfacing
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Kiora Melbourne

The Kiora's Cosmetic Philosophy
Our Doctors believe modern, non-invasive techniques often enable us to achieve results that are superior to surgery whilst maintaining naturally youthful results with a minimum of downtime and risk
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