Dr Grace Lin MBBS BSc (Biomed)
completed a Bachelor of Biomedical Science degree at Monash University before going on to complete her Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery Degree at the University of Queensland. She always had a strong interest in the cosmetic medical field and completed her cosmetic medical training in the United States of America. She founded Kiora in 2005. Dr Lin continues to update her skills and knowledge by attending conferences in the USA, South Korea and Asia. She has a specific interest in North American and Asian cosmetic developments and trends.

Dr Lin's primary language is English but she is also fluent in Mandarin, Cantonese and Hokkien. She has conversational level Japanese.

Dr Lin has been working exclusively in the field of non-invasive cosmetic medicine since 2005. She is a Victorian trainer for two of the largest Cosmetic Pharmaceutical companies in the world. She has a particular interest in using dermal fillers to enhance, shape and rejuvenate the lips. She is a respected lip specialist and has performed over a thousand lip enhancement procedures. Her ability to create beautiful, natural looking lips makes her a popular cosmetic physician amongst professional models, dancers and actors.

Dr Lin has over sixteen years of experience in performing anti-wrinkle injections, dermal fillers and cosmetic laser procedures. She is experienced in performing non-surgical face lifts and facial reuvenation using a complementary combination of all of the cosmetic medical techniques. She is one of the first Doctors in Melbourne to use Cosmetic Injections for calf remodeling, facial slimming and the treatment of hyperhidrosis. Her fluency in multiple languages means she often attends Asian cosmetic medical conferences in South Korea, Hong Kong and Taiwan. She has a particular interest in introducing cosmetic medical techniques pioneered in Asia to Australian patients.

Dr Lin's technical skill and friendly manner have ensured Kiora is one of the most respected and largest cosmetic clinics in Australia. Dr Grace Lin works extensively to keep both her patients and the public informed of the latest cosmetic medical developments and is a regular Health and Beauty columnist for the Ozip magazine.

Grace also holds a degree in Biomedical Science and is in charge of researching and developing Kiora's medical-grade skin care range. In her spare time, Grace enjoys portrait painting and studying languages. She is fluent in most asian languages and is currently studying her fifth language, Japanese. Grace's well known capacity for hard work and devotion to her patients has only been dulled slightly by the recent birth of her fourth child. She continues to consult 4 days a week and remains Kiora's clinical director and head of training.


Dr Neville Lee See MBBS LLB BSc
completed a Bachelor of Science degree before completing his Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery degree under scholarship at the University of Queensland. Most of his training had been in surgery before he developed a keen interest in the rapidly developing field of non-invasive cosmetic medicine as an alternative to traditional surgical procedures. Dr Lee See has a reputation as a Cosmetic Specialist who achieves safe and effective aesthetic outcomes whilst maintaining the natural balance of his patient's features.

Dr Neville Lee See is an Australian and New Zealand Trainer in the use of cosmetic injections. He works as a consultant for two of the largest Cosmetic Pharmaceutical companies in the world and is heavily involved in training Doctors and Nurses in the safe use of cosmetic injectables. Dr Lee See has specialised solely in cosmetic medicine and lasers since 2005 and has been Kiora's primary full time Cosmetic Physician since 2008. He has a particular interest in utilising and developing minimally invasive injectable techniques as a safe and viable method of addressing medical and cosmetic problems traditionally treated with cosmetic surgery. Dr Lee See has a long standing interest in medico-legal matters and the evolution of his sub-specialty of medicine. He attained his full Bachelor of Laws degree in 2010.

Dr Lee See specialises in anti-wrinkle injections, laser hair removal, cosmetic lasers and dermal fillers. He is experienced in using advanced injectable techniques to slim the face and to treat severe sweating of the hands, face and underarms. He has been a long term advocate of using dermal fillers to enhance the nose and chin as an alternative to rhinoplasty and surgery. Dr Lee See ensures he is competent in all of the latest cosmetic developments and trends by regularly attending conferences in the USA, South Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

In the field of cosmetic medicine Neville is often consulted about men's cosmetic medicine. He has been sought for interviews on NineMSN and radio (1116 SEN) and writes a regular cosmetic medical column for Melon Magazine. Neville is one of the primary moderators of the Cosmetic Medicine Forum, which was the world's largest forum on cosmetic medical technologies.

Outside of medicine Dr Neville Lee See is a keen Scuba diver and is ticketed for both decompression and wreck penetration diving but has mellowed and now participates in nothing scarier than coaching his son's futsal team or running the occassional marathon and miserably failing to qualify for Boston. Neville enjoys furthering his academic studies across a broad range of disciplines and has a particular interest in medico-legal matters.

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