Skin Boosters is a new injectable technolgy specificly designed to boost the hydration, firmness and elasticity of the skin. It can signifcantly improve the quality of the skin of the face, decolletage and hands. Skin booster technology utilises microinjections of a HA molecules delivered directly to the dermis of the skin. These hydrophillic HA molecules hold and attract water and "boost" the water content of the skin. The result is natural, beautiful skin that is firmer, more elastic and tighter. Most importantly it allows a significant improvement to a patient's appearance without risking the "puffy and overfilled look" that sometimes occurs with more traditional dermal fillers.

Kiora Cashmere Scarves


Experience ultimate luxury, everyday with Kiora’s 100% cashmere scarves. Made from the finest grade of inner-mongolian cashmere Kiora’s beautiful scarves are a striking combination of simplicity and glamour.

Kiora Cashmere Wraps


Remain indulgently warm, yet stylishly fashionable this winter with Kiora's exclusive cashmere wraps. Made from at least 500gm of the finest grade of inner-mongolian cashmere and measuring a large 200x70cm Kiora’s beautiful wraps are large enough to both wrap the entire body in for a long plane flight or simply wear out on a cold Melbourne night.