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  › Quick Facts: Laser Procedures

· All patients at Kiora are first seen by a Cosmetic Doctor of over 10 years experience with Cosmetic Lasers

· All Laser Hair Reduction procedures are performed by a fully trained Nurse of at least 18 months experience

· Kiora's combination of rapid pulsing "true laser" & Zimmer Cryo Cooler is the least painful system available

· Modern "true laser systems" allow patients of all skin types (including asian & indians) to be safely treated

· The hair of any part of the body (including) private areas can be thinned by up to 90%.

· To get the best results Kiora offers packages of 5 sessions starting from $72 per session

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Click here to read Laser Hair Reduction Frequently Asked Questions


All Cosmetic Laser Prices now up to 40% off (save up to $320!)


Now that the hot weather is easing it is the best time of the year to safely and effectively begin your cosmetic laser course. All cosmetic laser procedures have now been reduced in price by 40%. It is the perfect time to begin removing that old tattoo, reducing unwanted hair, slim down stubborn fat pockets, treat freckles or broken capillaries or resurface the face. Kiora has been steadily adding in a range of advanced true laser systems and can now treat a comprehensive range of problems for all skin types (including asian and indian patients.) Unlike other centers who advertise extensively in summer our doctors prefer to do less cosmetic laser procedures during the summer months because of the increased risk of side effects associated with UV light exposure. So for example an area like the lower leg hair can be treated for just $195 per session (was $325), a tattoo can be treated for $108 (was $180) or the skin can be whitened with out porcelain laser for $180 (was $300).


* Some conditions apply.
* exclude Ulthera Skin Tightening Ultrasound procedures




Extended Bikini, Snail Trail and Underarms package

$200 per session (when you buy a package of 5)


The best results with laser hair reduction are achieved when treating areas where the skin is pale and the hairs are dark and coarse. The bikini and underarms area typically respond the most quickly out of any area on the body. The skin is pale because of its limited exposure to sunlight and typically the hairs in theses areas are the thickest and coarsest on the body. The best hair reduction results are obtained when patients get a whole series of 6-8 sessions. Which is why Kiora also offers several complete Laser Hair Reduction packages (5 sessions) suitable for both males and females. This is the best package to start on in order to experience the superior results and comfort of Kiora's true laser technology.



Chest Package
$160 per session (when you buy a package of 5)    20min per session


The most popular area for men to treat, The hairs of the chest tend to be thicker, darker and more coarse. This area tends to respond faster to Laser Hair Reduction making it one of the most economical areas for male patients to get treated.



Torso Package (includes back, chest, stomach and shoulders)
$544 per session (when you buy a package of 5)    60min per session


The Soprano XL is one of the most advanced "true laser" hair reduction systems in the world. Its patented rapid firing diode laser technology allows the delivery effective energy in a comfortable and quick manner. This means Kiora is unique in that it enables our doctors to treat large surface areas, like the torso, in a time efficient manner with minimal discomfort.



Brazilian Package (males and females)
$240 per session (when you buy a package of 5)    30min per session


Kiora has fully trained male and female Cosmetic Doctors and Division One Nurses perform all of Hair Reduction procedures. Females are treated by our female staff whilst males are treated by our male Doctors. This area tends to respond quickly to Laser Hair Reduction because it often has the ideal combination of pale skin and dark, coarse hairs. The Brazilian areas are one of the most economical areas to treat.



Full Body Package (includes all parts of the body except the face)
$1200 per session (when you buy 5)    3 hours split over 2 sessions


Kiora's advanced Laser Hair Reduction technology and excellent track record mean we are one of the laser clinics with the most experience in treating very large surface areas. We have treated a diverse range of patients such as bodybuilders, females with excessive hair and cyclists to reduce the density of hair all over their body.

Ask our Doctors a question about Laser Hair Reduction
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